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Top 10 Best Cannabis-Friendly USA Vacations

Are you planning a trip to the United States? Why not take one where marijuana is legal? We recently compiled a list of the best and worst cities to visit for a cannabis-centric vacation. Taking into account multiple factors, from pot-friendly hotels to guided tours, we came up with our top ten picks. Three of them are in Colorado – we know our next vacation destination!

Upgraded Points just did an in-depth analysis on the best (and worst!) places to take a canna-vacation, basing it on smoker-friendly stats such as:

  • 420 Friendly AirBNBs in the area
  • Amount of dispensaries
  • Cost of a 1/4oz of marijuana
  • Amount of weed-friendly attractions
  • The average price of airfare and rideshare services.
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#1. Denver

Denver, CO, takes the #1 spot with its gorgeous mountain views – it’s not called the “Mile High” city for nothing! 250 licensed dispensaries in the Denver greater metro and weed-friendly social lounges such as Tetra Lounge make Denver the number one spot on the list.

#2. Portland, ME

Portland, ME, boasts 102 cannabis-friendly AirBnBs per 100,000 people, meaning you’ll be sure to have a safe and legal place to toke while in Maine. In addition, with unique weed-infusion edible-friendly restaurants, such as Pot & Pan, you can ensure your lobster roll will be extra delicious. Portland is a bustling tourist spot on a peninsula extending into Casco Bay that offers impressive scenic views. 

#3. Oakland, CA

Oakland, CA, takes the #3 spot on the list. With its self-guided Oakland Cannabis Trail tours, 420-themed private classes at the Oakland Cannabis Creative, and unique places to smoke weed, Oakland is a must-stop on anyone’s weed travel list.

#4. Boulder, CO

Just a quick 45-minute drive northwest of Denver, Boulder, CO, is the next pick on the list. Splurge on this premium private home for your accommodations and be greeted with several premium bud samples and dispensary discounts. Try a ride from the airport that is 420-friendly by booking through 420 Rides for a truly elevated experience.

#5. Portland, OR

Home to ultra-affordable weed classes and events, coming up next is Portland, Oregon. Try the incredible Portlandia Experience Bus Tour for an unforgettable experience, or have a chill smoke in the Flight Lounge private club. 

The rest of the top 10:

#6. Scottsdale, AZ

#7. Henderson, NV

#8. Colorado Springs, CO

#9. San Jose, CA

#10. Las Vegas, NV

Next time you’re looking for a cannabis-friendly vacation, check out this list for inspiration! These top 10 cities for cannacations are not only 420 friendly but have scenic views, fun attractions, and great restaurants to suit every taste.

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