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The Medical Cannabis, CBD, Medical Marijuana & Recreational Marijuana Industry is growing at an exponential level with no end in sight. If you've ever wondered how to market and promote your cannabis dispensary, smoke shop, or MMJ clinic, look no further! 420 Promotional Products is excited to unveil our 420 Promotional Swag Products for your onsite promotional events and Cannabis industry trade show giveaways.

Not sure how to find something?Ask for help! 1-800-573-3111

Not sure how to find something?Ask for help! 1-800-573-3111

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420 Promotional Products is your complete source for handout swag items for onsite promotional events and trade show giveaways for retail cannabis dispensaries, marijuana clinics and smoke shops. In the competitive MMJ industry, branding is key to success.

Get ahead of the Medical Marijuana marketing curve with these 420 swag products and benefit from the marketing and brand awareness they provide. Call 420 Promotional Products at 800-573-3111 and learn about ways to promote your Medical Marijuana dispensary, Medical Cannabis clinic or CBD/Smoke Shop by using personalized, promotional swag items at your next event. Our experienced salespeople will help you make your next 420 medical cannabis promotion a hit!

Please note – The legalization of medical and recreational marijuana varies by state. It is the buying party’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with their own state’s promotional swag product regulations for both 420 Medical Marijuana and Cannabis Dispensaries. We suggest reading this article by Leafly.
420 promotional products is your #1 supplier for personalized 420 packaging, creative cannabis promotional items, custom dispensary merch, and 420 giveaway swag! The medical marijuana industry is highly competitive, and customized 420  branding, logo-imprinted cannabis packaging, and marijuana giveaway swag is a surefire way to get people talking about your dispensary or marijuana brand. Increase your market share, new & returning dispensary patients, and get more sales with our vast selection of personalized 420 dispensary merch and creative cannabis packaging! Smoke your cannabis industry competition with customized 420 dispensary swag and personalized cannabis clinic promotional items.
420 promotional products are your custom 420 promo experts! Promote your cannabusiness with creative cannabis promotions, using our customized 420 promotional items for dispensaries and cannabis trade show swag. We carry personalized cannabis promotional items and custom medical marijuana packaging to help increase your sales. For example, we sell personalized grinders, logo-imprinted 420 rolling papers & customized pre-roll cones, and personalized 420 MMJ rolling trays in various materials. We also carry dispensary branded 420 packaging and personalized marijuana dispensary merch chillum one-hitters with promotional logos, customizable lighters, smell-proof medical marijuana mylar bags, and wholesale branded medical cannabis dispensary exit bags.

Customized 420 Promotional Giveaway Swag Items

420 swag giveaways at cannabis industry trade shows or dispensary promotions are an excellent way to promote your 420 brand. We carry unique 420 promotional swag items for 420 trade shows, cannabis swag giveaways, and dispensary merch. Instead of promoting your 420 brand on a boring pen, use our cannabis leaf hemp clip pen! Attract more customers to your trade show booth with our branded 420 leaf necklaces – an incredible 420 giveaway promo product! Our 420 leaf magnetic memo pad is a great way to make sure a stop at your cannabis dispensary is on their to-do list.

Promotional Branded 420 Herb Grinders

Custom-branded 420 herb grinders are an excellent cannabis dispensary promotional item, 420 giveaway swag, or cannabis industry trade show promotional item. We carry customizable plastic grinders, personalized metal grinders, logo-imprinted wood cannabis flower grinders, and logo-imprinted electric herb grinders. Promote your cannabis brand each time your cannabis patient medicates with our personalized cannabis dispensary grinders.

420 Logo Imprinted Rolling Papers & Pre-Roll Cones

Elevate your dispensary’s promotional efforts with branded 420 rolling papers and pre-roll cones. Print your medical cannabis logo on beautiful, customizable & colorful 420 pre-roll cones! Appeal to your medical marijuana patients who smoke cannabis with our personalized 420 rolling papers with tips. We also carry branded single-width 420 rolling papers for your medical 420 patients who consume smaller amounts of medical marijuana per session.

Customized 420 Rolling Trays For Cannabis Dispensaries

Customized rolling trays are always a successful promotional product for cannabis dispensaries. We carry the most popular personalized metal 420 rolling trays, eco-friendly logo-printed bamboo cannabis rolling trays, and fully customizable mini plastic 420 trays. Give your medical marijuana patients a stylish way to store and roll their cannabis – try pairing branded rolling trays and customized 420 rolling papers for hard-hitting medical marijuana branding.

Promotional 420 Chillum One Hitters For Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Make using cannabis discreet, easy, and an effective 420 marketing tool with our custom chillum one-hitters. Make your 420 brand memorable with our personalized colorful glass 420 one-hitters. Elevate your dispensary merch with our elegant and discreet laser-imprinted walnut dugout one-hitter. Our customized stainless steel 3-in-1 grinder, dugout & one-hitter is a creative and functional 420 promotional item that makes medicating on the go easy.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Logo Branded Lighters

Get maximum return with your 420 giveaway promo with the #1 cannabis tool – lighters! One of the best giveaway swag products for medical marijuana dispensaries is lighters. Custom printed Clipper® lighters, and customized Bic® lighters are cannabis smokers’ favorites. Upgrade your cannabis dispensary branding with upscale logo imprinted Zippo® lighters. Use these next-gen logo-printed flameless 420 lighters to make a memorable impact. Maximize your marketing ROI for your medical marijuana business with customized disposable lighters – an excellent 420 swag giveaway item for cannabis trade shows and marijuana dispensary promotions.

Custom Promotional Lockable And Smell Proof 420 Stash Bags

Encourage cannabis patients to keep their 420 products from your dispensary discreet and safe with branded cannabis 420 stash bags. Personalized smell proof 420 stash bags eliminate the pungent smell of medical marijuana and ensure secure storage. In addition, our cannabis logo-branded 420 stash bags with locks help protect pets and kids from accidental marijuana consumption.

Promotional Medical Marijuana Packaging & Exit Bags For Cannabis Dispensaries

Turn your state’s cannabis dispensary compliance into a valuable 420 marketing tool. First, print your cannabusiness logo on custom child-resistant exit bags to promote your marijuana dispensary. Then, package your medical 420 products discreetly with our logo-printed smell-proof mylar bags for medical marijuana and our customized full-color mylar barrier bags for medical cannabis.

420 promotional Products Is Your 420 Promotional Superstore!

Shop our whole collection of 420 promotional products for cannabis dispensaries! We have an enormous selection of customized lighters, personalized rolling trays; logo imprinted rolling papers, branded pre-roll tubes, unique cannabis travel kits, cannabis leaf merch, 420 swag, cannabis industry giveaway items, and 100s of other creative cannabis promotional items and custom marijuana products. Elevate your cannabusiness with creative cannabis industry experts at branding and grow your cannabis company to a higher level.

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We have over 30 years of experience in promotions. We have worked for many clients in the medical marijuana industry, as well as Burger King, John Deere, Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola, Xerox, Harrah’s Las Vegas, and more. We can work with any budget and maximize your ROI with our unique, creative, and cutting-edge cannabis promotional items. We will help you plan your next 420 industry trade show or onsite dispensary promotion. To learn more about us, click here: About Us.

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Call our experts at 800-573-3111 and learn how to promote your Medical Marijuana dispensary, Medical Cannabis clinic, or CBD/Smoke Shop by using personalized, promotional swag items at your next event. Please visit our contact page for more information, our online contact form, and phone numbers at your local office. Our experienced salespeople will help you make your next 420 medical cannabis promotion a hit!