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Just Legalized Marijuana? Start Your 420 Promotions With Branded Cannabis Products

Medical Marijuana Laws Worldwide

Marijuana is used by about 200 million people worldwide. Some people use cannabis recreationally, but clinical studies have also supported a myriad of health benefits. Despite its medical usage, many nations are still wary of legalizing the plant. Because most of the USA and several other countries have some marijuana decriminalization, there is still hope for people in criminalized countries as the plant continues to gain credibility as a legitimate medicine. More than ever, cannabis research is being funded to study the full extent of medical marijuana’s benefits. 

Branded Cannabis Promotions

With marijuana becoming legalized, decriminalized, and more accepted as plant medicine, the industry for branded dispensary merch, logo-printed medical marijuana tools, and custom 420 apparel has exploded.  Promotion Store is your trusted source for a wide selection of custom-made cannabis-inspired items for cannabis dispensaries, medical marijuana clinics, or 420 industry trade shows.

Our in-house design team can create logo-printed cannabis promo items, including: 

Logo-printed cannabis pens

Cannabis-inspired clothes and caps

Custom medical marijuana jars 

Personalized grinders

Branded Lighters 

Custom printed matchbooks

Personalized full-color rolling papers

Custom design rolling machines

Logo-printed smell proof and locking stash bags 

The Promotion Store team is the #1 company for custom cannabis promotions for marijuana dispensaries, cannabis clinics, smoke shops, and 420 industry trade shows. Contact us to elevate your cannabis dispensary marketing with custom-made cannabis promotional products, 420-inspired apparel, marijuana accessories, and merch.

Maximum ROI For Your Cannabis Brand

No matter your cannabis promotional budget, you can guarantee maximum return for your marketing dollars with our wholesale promotional pricing. In addition, the experts at Promotion Store will work with you to implement a branding and marketing plan that will guarantee success for your cannabusiness.

420 Promotional Products - Branded Cannabis Dispensary Merch and Marijuana Branding

Wholesale Pricing And Custom Quality

Promotion Store has the highest standard for our quality branded medical marijuana merch. Because we have over 30 years of experience planning successful promotional events and trade shows, we have made relationships with suppliers that allow us to offer wholesale pricing for high-quality 420 promotional items. In addition, Promotion Store holds the top spot in the industry for customized cannabis-inspired accessories.

Reach Out To Promotion Store

Ready to take your cannabis branding and medical marijuana marketing to another level? To speak to the experts at Promotion Store about our custom-made cannabis items, please call us at 800-573-3111.

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